Poll - Citywide Smart Solutions Closed

Decide on the city’s priority for implementing the first Citywide Smart Solutions. Smart Solutions are solutions that increase the quality of life of a city’s residents, by better service delivery of energy, water, mobility, governance, and other city systems without compromising on the environment.


"The Bermunda bus stand. Earlier this week I had to Visit Kendrapada and i reached the bus stand mean ... "

Durga Madhab Achari

"Smarter city does not only mean smart transport and smart facilities. It also requires smart solutio ... "

Nitish Sundar Mohanty

"If we can start and promote an initiative of Soilless gardening in our freely available rooftops cul ... "

Devaraj Ghatualo

"Ticketless Parking. In multi storied parking place. There is Entry gate and Exist gate. Where sec ... "

Jajati Badu