Poll - Citywide Smart Solutions Closed

Decide on the city’s priority for implementing the first Citywide Smart Solutions. Smart Solutions are solutions that increase the quality of life of a city’s residents, by better service delivery of energy, water, mobility, governance, and other city systems without compromising on the environment.


"Smarter city does not only mean smart transport and smart facilities. It also requires smart solutio ... "

Nitish Sundar Mohanty

"If we can start and promote an initiative of Soilless gardening in our freely available rooftops cul ... "

Devaraj Ghatualo

"Ticketless Parking. In multi storied parking place. There is Entry gate and Exist gate. Where sec ... "

Jajati Badu

"Please make rule regarding those have domestic dog ...ensure that they must have toilet for their d ... "

Ekamra Kanan Padhan