A Smart city should be one in which the women feel safe. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. For Bhubaneswar to emerge as a Smart city, it should focus on improving the facilities and services for women. A total of 3, 92,504 women live in the city. With the increasing rates of crime against women and discrimination at every stratum of life, how has Bhubaneswar fared as a city in empowering women? Is our city a safe place for the women? Does it provide equal ground for women as men to realise their potential?

This platform has been created to enable the citizens reflect at and discuss the issues related to women in the city to carve a safer place for women.

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Bagulia Pilla

First security 2nd...transportation 3rd..law shd b 4rt...respect to others.. Whether it is a small or big..we shd give respect to everybody irrespective of age or position or status.... This is what i saw in singapore...gujrat and so on...

Prabhat Chandra Pradhan

For the safety of women or girls at Bhubaneswar a toll free common phone no should be available to call and redressal of any complains relating to problem faced . The cause of all unsocial activities is due to alcohol.As a first place alcohol drinking should be banned in public place and hotels.

Devi Priyadarshini

Bhubaneswar is way more safe than any other metro I have lived in so far. the only rising concern is the super fast cosmopolitan intrusion into our state which could create mess. In the name of procuring higher education, business, jobs there are many coming to the city and starting illegal business like that of brown sugar etc, therefore we need to be careful against those. safety is more of a mindset than a physical attribute. We need to dare to keep our city free from anti social elements. women need to know their rights and must have have the will to fight against odds.


Emergency Press to talk standing phones in all major areas especially along side roads for safety purpose.

Tapas Nanda

It is a creation of God how human being behave to others (in this time period when the person got high qualification more knowledge / more awareness he should be more awareness about the behaviour to others) . but it becomes more unnaturals / unexpected thin gs / misbehave to others . Steps should be start to eleminate these from home