City Makers

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Suvendu Pradhan

We want to focus on a solid and efficient public transport network , like BRTC, METRO and cab with environment friendly drive system. Also need fly overs and under ground roads at junction(where can possible) to reduce traffic congestion and a signal free traffic system as that will save precious fuel . City Bus (BRTS) with hybrid or electric power to reduce pollution and make BBSR air clean.Want a network of garbage collection automated/ vacuum pipe networks (cannot tell exact name of the system) like in some European city have and footpath encroachment free .

Wpec India

WPEC Demands for construction of CGO Complex, GPRA for Central Government Employees in the SMART CITY BHUBANESWAR. At present 32 leading cities of India have CGO Complex and GPRA. So WPEC already send its proposal to the PMO, Ministry of Urban Development, Department of Personnel Training, CPWD, BMC, BDA and to the Office of the Chief Minister of Odisha with a sincere request to think of this proposal. We hope THE SMART CITY MISSION BHUBANESWAR would realize the importance of our demand and support it.

Anshuman Senapati

I want to suggest an overbridege for the ambulance which the patient can be easily reach in the hospital.

Varigonda Subash


Varigonda Subash

I do not the proposed modernization plan of railway station and its periphery. My opinion is there should be one over bridge connecting other side of platform i.e, No. 6 with CITY BUS TERMINUS or this side roead for hassle free vehicular movement even when there is a road blocked at mastercanteen side. Moreover this will be easy to passengers rather to go round about. IF MY SUGGESTION IS GOOD THEN ALL MUST REPORT THIS FOR INCLUSION IN THE PROPOSED CITY DISTRICT CENTRE DEVELOPMENT.