"Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination."

-Jane Jacob, The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

Under the BMC’s leadership we will work together with its citizens to create a robust proposal. There is already a wide array of initiatives in existence or underway, including work on online citizen services, transportation, housing, waste management and urban planning to name a few. The BBSR Smart City Proposal will seek to merge existing efforts together with other priorities identified by citizens to create exemplary solutions. The following initiatives listed below provides a glimpse into the existing initiatives undertaken by BMC and BDA in implementing smart solutions.


My City My Pride

My City My Pride

BMC’s My City My Pride is an initiative to resolve civic life issues through citizens participation. It is a medium to connect the citizens directly with BMC to work on the common issues like health, sanitation, waste management, sewerage system of their respective areas. MCMP with its mobile app and website allows citizens to view the status of their complaints, learn about other issues in their locality and get attention from the authorities without any delay. This application empower citizens to bring about transformation, mobilize the public, and connects with the government. My City My Pride is an essential tool for city development authorities today. Not just helping them to take action against the citizen complaints but also build a cleaner and better cities for everyone. 

My City My Pride

BMC’s My City My Pride is an initiative to resolve civic life issues th ...

M-Office BMC

This application is only for the BMC authorities to resolve citizen issues. C ...

E-Municipality Services

Odisha e-Governance Services Limited Bhubaneswar (OeSL), on behalf of Housing ...