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Posted : 23-03-2017

Nitish Sundar Mohanty


Smarter city does not only mean smart transport and smart facilities. It also requires smart solution to current and future problems. 1)We need to enforce rain water harvesting in all buildings in the city. 2) Rooftop solar plant to be mandatory for corporate and government buildings, also encourage private owners to install solar power plant. 3) Small check dams should be constructed on current rivers and canals to store water for contributing to ground water level problems.

Posted : 17-03-2017

Devaraj Ghatualo

Ongoing Contest, Idea Box

If we can start and promote an initiative of Soilless gardening in our freely available rooftops cultivating vegetables, flowers, Herbs it will benefit us to (i) getting fresh veggies for our beloved families around the year (ii) contributing our bit to controlling pollution, global warming (iii) keeping our home cool and save electricity energy and many more. I have acquired technical expertise to guide people of Odisha and available support it. Let’s contribute and shake hand with our Odisha Government to keep our Bhubaneswar Smarter, Safer and Sober

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