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Posted : 27-05-2017


Ongoing Contest, Idea Box

I would like convey that the National Highway which is lying towards Puri is becoming very jam and risky particularly from Uttara Chhak to Kalpana. Because of no over bridge and also the same road which has been split up into to and fro pathway. Kindly take initiative to establish a over bridge/fly over from Samantrapur to Ravitalikies. As you know increase in crowd because people of Tankapani Road, Sai Temple and also towards Bankual. The Ravitalkies Chhak becomes horrible during daytime and also in the evening even.

Posted : 17-05-2017

Aditi Sahani


Bhubaneswar is having a very rush full traffic during the evening hours. I felt very disappointed by seeing people with two wheelers trying to reach the rush full traffic by travelling through the footpath. I and my Mother was going to market. A person travelling with his two wheeler knowingly pushed through the footpaths dashing on us. I suggest the authorities to be strict on breaking the traffic rules and regulations and overthrew proper punishments for the rule breakers. I chose to write in this website because being smart and making our city smart is very important. But in no sense these types of activities tends to be smart. I hope my problem will be a matter of concern for respective authorities. After this incident I went to the traffic police and informed him about this problem but his respons was very rude I think my words will be taken in the form of action

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