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Posted : 27-01-2018



There is need of multipurpose enforcement squads foe Three regions of City ideally.These squads will look into the unlawful activities and will take preventive action on encroachments, illegal driving, footpath vending, gutka selling, eviction of unauthorized construction, willful blocking of public roads, illegal parking of vehicles on main roads, speed driving, continuous honking and also informing appropriate authorities for violation of rules.Hence, enforcement squads will be have a toll free number, Mobile number for SIMS, Whattsapp number and also email ID to receive complaints from vigilant citizens of country.The said squads should include dedicated police, law personnel, administrator with adequate equipments and vehicles viz.bolero, truck and JCB.It should start will a revolving fund and fines collected through enforcement should be added to it and labour charges will meet from this fund..Presently My city my pride of BMC is not fully successful as it is destined for few options like garbage disposal , waste bins etcIn other sectors complaints cannot be booked.Hence, a multi purpose squads for enforcing law and cleaness is need of the hour.

Posted : 20-01-2018


Ongoing Contest, Best Practices For Mobility

start railway services connecting jatni to patia with new stations , new advanced wagons and new advanced connecting roads to the main road.

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