Multilevel Car Parking RajMahal

Multilevel Car Parking RajMahal


Features and Components

The Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) building at Raj Mahal Square shall consist of two basements, ground and above 7nos. floors of construction. The car parking building shall have lower and upper basement, and ground and above floors that will accommodate minimum 450 nos. Equivalent Car Spaces (ECS). All the floors above the parking floors shall be commercial floors covering minimum 57,000 Sq. ft. of commercial saleable space

Benefits to the citizens

The MLCP building shall bring respite to the citizens of Bhubaneswar who will be visiting frequently to Saheed Nagar area as it will accommodate 450 nos. of cars in the building. The building will have all the smart features and it will also have commercial spaces to be leased out to offices, restaurants etc.

Present Status

The MLCP facility would provide relief to Bhubaneswar residents who will be visiting Unit-I/II market and surrounding regions on a regular basis since it will house 250 automobiles. The building will contain all of the smart features, as well as commercial area that leased to office.

Implementing Agency

M/S Badri Rai & Co.

Project Photos