Intelligent Traffic Control System

Intelligent Traffic Control System


Features and Components

Signalization of traffic intersections in the city based on Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System along with provision of pelican signals and blinkers is being undertaken as part of this project. It is the latest technology in traffic engineering named Composite Signal Control Strategy (CoSiCoSt) developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), a research and development organization under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

Benefits to the citizens

Improved travel time reliability, reduction in congestion, distribution of green phase time equitably, faster response to traffic conditions, providing timely emergencies and support, predicting traffic volumes including adjustment to signal timings

Present Status

The installation of adaptive traffic signal control system has been completed at 43 intersections and ongoing at another 7 intersections. The work on Pelican Signals and Blinkers have also started in the month of March 2018

Implementing Agency

Envoys Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Project Photos