Affordable Housing Project

Affordable Housing Project


“Shanti Nagar Awas Yojna – An in-situ slum redevelopment project at Mouza: Satya Nagar in Bhubaneswar Town Centre District (BTCD)”

Features and Components

Shanti Nagar Awas Yojna has been envisaged to redevelop existing slum households of Shantipalli slum of Mouza: Satya Nagar within BTCD. Out of the total area, it is proposed to take up the project in two parts: (1) Construction of Rehabilitation project for slum & informal settlement for EWS under EPC mode over 4.50 Acres of land and (2) SRRH Project through PPP mode on 10.00 Acres of land.

  • EPC Mode – 4.50 Acres I 928 EWS Units
  • PPP Mode – 10.00 Acres I 1300 EWS Units
  • Provision for adequate physical and social infrastructure facilities as per HFA Policy, 2015.

Benefits to the citizens

Implementation of Shanti Nagar Awas Yojna shall lead to optimal use of the urban land and transformation of existing slum areas of Shantipalli Basti & other surrounding slums into integrated housing developments with provision for adequate shelter and infrastructure facilities. The development on the private developer area of the PPP component shall also lead to creation of housing stock for MIG and higher segment and commercial spaces.

Present Status

PPP Model: Development Agreement (DA) has been executed with the private developer. Currently, pre-construction activities (Condition Precedent) is going on. EPC Model: Agreement is to be drawn with the agency

Private Developer / Implementing Agency

PPP Model: M/s Paramitra Smart Infra SNA Pvt. Ltd. EPC Model: M/s PIPL – MI Group JV

Project Photos