Re-Development of 3 parks at Saheed nagar, Bhubaneswar

Area of Development:

  • Triangular park:-575.5sqm
  • Omc park:-2300 sqm
  • Saheed Nagar park:-6880.1sqm

Project Time Period:

  • 6-months

Mode of Implementation:

  • P-1 Contract

Project Cost: - (in INR Crores)

  • 1.80

Features and Components

Three nos. of existing parks in Saheed Nagar have been undertaken as per the Smart City proposal for developing in Smart Parks.

  • Saheed Nagar Park
  • OMC Park
  • Traingular Park

The design of the parks includes redevelopment of existing infrastructure like pathways, Drinking water taps, Children play equipment’s, Splash pool, Watch tower, Open GYM, Portable e-toilets, organizing shrubs/tress in a disciplined manner and new ornamental trees to suit the overall theme, child friendly components etc.

Benefits to the citizens

The Re-development of parks shall have various benefits to the citizen like pathway for public walking , Play Equipment’s for Children’s, Open Gyms for Citizens, Screen wall for graphic presentation for youths, yoga areas for all citizens, splash pool available to spend some quality time during evening and Watch Tower to visualize the surrounding beauty of parks.

Present Status

The redevelopment work is nearing completion. 90% of the work has been completed and remaining 10% will be completed by 31st March 2018.

Implementing Agency

Shri Ramesh Chandra Samal